CEPA Guidelines for Excellence

Guidelines for Excellence

The CEPA Guidelines for Excellence is a flagship project for the Association that will build over time to become a reference for the exercise of IPM in the field of environmental public health protection.


As part of this project, CEPA launched the first module - "IPM, the safe and sustainable approach to prevention and control of risk" - at its Annual General Meeting on 26 June 2024.

This first module is well adapted for use with or by those who commission environmental public health protection services. Over time, the modules will be more specific and detailed to cover the broad spectrum of environmental public health protection services.

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is a holistic method for preventing and controlling organisms like insects, rodents or birds occurring in places or in ways that present a potential or actual risk of harm to people and public health; to livestock and animal welfare; to property and businesses.

It is the approach used by serious providers of professional environmental public health protection services (often referred to as “pest management” services) because it is the most effective method to control such challenges in a safe and sustainable way.

For this reason, anyone looking to protect people, livestock or businesses, for example, should seek to use the IPM approach and to work with professional service providers that are committed to applying IPM in a careful and systematic way.

This first module can be downloaded below in English, French and German (and in due course in many other languages).

IPM Guidelines EN 

IPM Guidelines FR

IPM Guidelines DE


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