Digital developments and Pest Management: Why not drones?

The European Commission rightly points to the enormous growth potential represented by the digital transformation of EU business and society. CEPA is excited about its potential.
Technology in the area of pest management is following swiftly with the testing of drones for the monitoring and early warning of pests.
Smart Cities and pest monitoring drones have never crossed paths so far but we will ensure to present such innovations and connect our members and existing valuable, solution-oriented EU platforms. Here is a snapshot of CEPA members’ drone development and application.

The use of drones has quickly become an accepted part of the professional pest managers’ “armoury”. CEPA members have taken this one step further forward proposing professional drones.

One example: DRONE MOD. MG-1S is a professional octocopter for the application of liquid products.

Based on the technical and safety features of this innovative equipment several can be the uses in the professional pest management sector for:

  • larvicidal treatments with Aquatain AMF™ or other eco-friendly products for the control of mosquitoes’ life cycle
  • sanitation treatments pre-installation of systems for the bird control
  • treatments with knockdown insecticides directly on the nests of wasps in total safety.

The great added value of the use of the drone with remote control in Integrated Pest Management is that it will allow again to do air treatments, banned in the past for the great problem of the wind drift during the treatment using airplanes or helicopters since they could pass just several meters over the treated area, while the drone being able to pass only few centimeters above the area that we want to treat, in total safety


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