How to become CEPA Certified® operator?

Would your company like to be one of the first in Europe to gain CEPA Certified® status, a unique and new quality mark?

CEPA Certified® Accreditation will give your business:

  • Improved image with clients: they will value the CEPA Certified® Status;
  • Means to promote the professionalism of our based on service and quality rather than price;
  • Better service quality: the standard is designed to help your business improve;
  • A unique and independent benchmark of your company’s professionalism compared to your competition;
  • Raised awareness among your customers that our industry plays a major role in public health.

In collaboration with local pest management associations, CEPA (Confederation of European Pest Management Associations) is creating a network of professional pest management companies across Europe that can demonstrate their competence to clients. We will also be targeting clients to encourage them to only specify CEPA Certified® companies.

This will provide competitive advantage over those companies who do not have the standard. It will also help to avoid government regulation of our sector in which we have had no part: it is a way for us to control our own destiny.

CEPA has developed a self-evaluation tool to help you achieve the standard. It can be used before you start the certification process at no cost, allowing you to see if anything needs to be done before you proceed. Simply visit the CEPA website to find out more.

By achieving CEPA Certified status you will quickly receive a significant return on investment, and be helping to promote the professionalism of our sector to clients.

Your next actions:

  • Assess your company against the standard for free, and address any non-conformities;
  • Then apply for CEPA Certified® status via the accredited national Certifying Body – see the CEPA website for details;
  • Once you are certified get your free listing in the CEPA Certified® Operator Directory.

The CEPA Certified® Standard will help your company rise above its competitors, getting more business at a better price, and we are here to help you achieve this standard. We look forward to hearing from you.

For CEPA Certified® advice and questions, please contact:
Zlatko Dakic, CEPA Certified® Scheme Leader

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