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World Pest Day 2023

Today, 6 June 2023, CEPA is very happy to celebrate World Pest Day, which aims to highlight the critical role that our sector plays in society. Every day, professional environmental public health protection service companies look after European citizens and businesses, safeguarding our way of life by protecting environmental, human, and animal health; food safety; public and private property; supply chains and trade.

We would like to take this opportunity to share our sector’s concerns about certain regulatory initiatives to restrict access to some important tools we use to manage and eliminate unwelcome and dangerous infestations of organisms that are a threat to health, safety, and property when they turn up in the wrong places. Used by professionals trained to use them safely, these products are only applied when necessary, in line with the principles of Integrated Pest Management, mitigating the risks to a minimum. Preventing infestations will always be the preferred option.

In a context of climate change, ongoing urbanisation and long-distance transportation, insect and animal infestations are on the rise everywhere in Europe. It is vital to ensure our sector is able to continue fulfilling its primary mission – protecting the health and safety of people, businesses, and property.

With its various programmes to promote sustainability and professionalisation, CEPA and its members aim to be critical actors for positive change within the professional environmental public health protection services.

Let’s all work together for a safe and healthy tomorrow!

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