Oliver Klute on Talking Pest Management


Oliver Klute, Managing Director of the family-owned company Biotec Klute reports how his team reacted to Covid-19. Extremely exciting testimonial about how Biotec has adapted quickly, shown solidarity with other companies in the sector and communicated with its employees. 

Biotec is known for innovation and new technologies and Oliver gives an exciting insight into Biotec's strategy this year and for the future.
Why disinfection is a big part of it as well as digital, you can find out in the interview.

Oliver has been in our sector since he was a child and manages the family business in the 2nd generation as well as, together with Daniel Schröer, the sister company Futura - - and is networked with leading entrepreneurs in the industry worldwide, which means that the companies he manages always have a lot of innovations to offer.
He is 100% idealist, because already in 2006 he invested in digital and sustainable technologies and was certainly partly declared crazy for that. We don't need to comment on this, as it was obviously a good investment, as "sustainable" and "digital" can be found on many websites of the major companies in our sector. 
Finally we were able to shoot a TPM with Oliver and get more insider knowledge about Biotec.


Watch the video below!

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