Mergers and Aquisitions updates 🎙️ TPM with Paul Giannamore



talking Pest Management last interviewed Paul Giannamore from the Potomac Company in late August 2020. In this interview, Paul predicted the mergers and acquisitions market would return with force in Q4 of 2020 following a very low level of activity earlier in the year. So, what happened? Listen here to discover.

Paul Giannamore, the managing director of the Potomac Company which has offices in Geneva, Switzerland and Philadelphia, USA, specialises in pest control company mergers and acquisitions across the globe. So, Paul is no better person to update listeners as to what has recently been happening in this market place.

Regarding more practical advances, Paul predicts the use of digital technology will continue to grow albeit slowly and steadily by the smaller companies. He acknowledges that many of the activities of the pest control companies are based on the ‘old’ way of doing things, however the uptake of digital technology by the larger clients will drive acceptance forward.

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