Marc Aubry elected as CEPA President

On the 8th of June 2021, CEPA had its traditional quarterly meeting. On this occasion, Mr Henry Mott announced his resignation as president of CEPA, after more than two years of service to our association. During his tenure, Mr Mott has overseen the renewal of CEPA’s governance structure, while making our association a visible and active player on the European political scene in Brussels and beyond. From CEPA secretariat, we thank Mr Mott for his hard work and dedication.

Subsequently, Marc Aubry, who was until now the vice-president of our association, has been voted as President of CEPA. Ms. Monica Biglietto, who is member of the board of directors, has been elected as Vice-President to replace Mr Aubry. Their mandate will last until the next CEPA's board of directors elections, planned for 2023. We congratulate them and wish to them the best of luck for their new mission.

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