Henry Mott answers questions from EU pest controllers - part 2 🎙️ TPM



This is the second interview with Henry Mott, President of CEPA and follows on from Part 1 which appears immediately before this one. As in Part 1, this is something of a change of format.... Rather than our Talking Pest Management host, Daniel Schröer, asking the questions, this time the questions have been sent in by you, the listeners. There were so many it meant the interviews had to be split into two...... Questions have come from both members and also non-members of CEPA – the European pest management services trade association. The words below are simply a resumé...... listen to the discussion yourself to pick-up the full message.

As a final point, if you aren’t a member of CEPA don’t sit on the sidelines being critical, get involved. Henry invites anyone interested in finding out more to make contact with him and he will organise their inclusion, as a taster session, in any of the meetings. Contact Henry here:

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