Gareth Davies on Talking Pest Management


Covid-19 challenges Pest Manager’s resilience. Gareth Davies, Terminix UK, says disinfection always was a vital part of Pest Management in order to protect clients and staff. The disinfection service industry is represented by a lot of Pest Management companies, also Gareth and his team are responsible for service around the UK for their clients. How Terminix dealt with this challenge and what the benefits are is what Gareth and host Daniel Schröer talked about today.

Gareth is known for his great articles on LinkedIn and has brought to the attention much more that companies should be aware of pests having a ball in your site/ restaurant/ bar during the lock-down. 
Pest Control service can help to reduce this and Gareth speaks about what you should do to keep infestation on a very low level.

He’s also known for his fun and philanthropic challenges, so Gareth is collecting money he will later donate to the UK NHS workers, for dying his hair Terminix-Green and cutting it to 1mm by his kids.
A fun and respectable challenge in which we will surely support him.

Congrats to Gareth for achieving his donations goal green haircut for the NHS!

Watch the video below!

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