COVID-19: Should we provide disinfection? BPCA


While many pest management companies have access to the tools and training to provide disinfection services, it is advised to proceed with extreme caution at this time, particularly regarding customer guarantees.

The BPCA warns that before offering these services, you should:

  • Check that the technicians carrying out these treatments are fully trained to do so
  • Check your insurance covers you to offer this service
  • Use disinfectants in accordance with the label instructions
  • Have your contract/terms and conditions checked with a legal advisor
  • Understand the difference between disinfecting following a pest infestation and medical disinfection

We strongly recommend speaking to your disinfectant supplier before you offer this service.

Although many companies are offering the service at this time, BPCA (UK) have taken the decision not to promote it as a service offered by their members. 

BPCA do acknowledge however, that the UK pest management industry dies have the knowledge, training and available workforce to support hygiene maintenance and disinfection, if it is needed to implement a meaningful national strategy.

They warn however, that if you’re unsure about offering these services, then extreme caution is advised.

Read the full position paper here.

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