COVID-19: Manufacturers reassure and thank PCOs


CEPA members responsible for manufacturing the vital products that allow Pest Control Organisations to carry out their work have spoken out in solidarity to reassure the industry. They send their thanks to those out on the field.

"During this time of global crisis due to the Corona pandemic, the Pest Control industry plays a very important role to maintain a healthy working environments in critical areas like hospitals and health services, to protect the production of food etc. The manufacturers of pest control products are doing everything to continue to supply the products for pest control, essential to maintain hygiene and the protection of goods, and we are very proud to be part of the contribution of the Pest Management industry to help in this moment of crisis. We want to send a big Thank You to all Pest Control professionals who are in the front line in these difficult times for their dedicated and essential work ensure that key industries like food production and health services can continue to operate."

With thanks to Bayer, BASF, Sumitomo Chemical, Liphatech and Bell Laboratories Inc for their contribution and continued support during this time.

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