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CEPA President takes in the Parasitec 2021 in Paris

On 17 November the President of CEPA, Marc Aubry took part in the Parasitec Exhibition in Paris (17-19 of November) to present CEPA Certified. Parasitec is the leading Pest Control & Public Health International Exhibition in Europe, and in the 2021’s edition it gathered experts from the pest control sector from more than 30 nationalities discussing and sharing the latest innovations on the market.

Marc Aubry presented CEPA Certified during the inauguration day of the exhibition. He started his speech by sharing some key figures from CEPA, such as the fact that CEPA is in more than 20 European countries representing 80% of the Pest Control activity in Europe and counting on more than 10.000 enterprises in Europe. He continued presenting the main objectives of CEPA such as the promotion and defence of the Pest Control industry in Europe and the necessity to properly represent it at European level. Marc Aubry then explained the European Certification EN 16636 and the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as the 2 core actions of CEPA at European level. 

The conference was an opportunity to present more thoroughly the European Certification EN 16636 as a certification which can be adapted for all kind of enterprises (size, numbers of sites and so on) and can properly evaluate the professional approach to pest management in terms of use of diagnostics and Integrated Pest Management principles (IPM), documented services (contract, service report, traceability), practices that comply with the regulations (professional and responsible use of biocides) and so on. Marc Aubry ended up his presentation explaining the certification process from the initial audit, until the renewal audit passing through practical examples from Certifying Bodies (CBs). 

Parasitec 2021 in Paris was the first of many occasions in return of events post-Covid for CEPA to ‘spread the word’ on the CEPA Certified scheme and underline once again the central role CEPA is playing in pest management at European level.

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