CEPA Presenting Pest Control 4.0 at EU Green Week

On the 3rd of June, CEPA had the pleasure to take part in an EU Green Week Partner Event. 

The EU Green Week is organised each year by the European Commission and is the most important opportunity in the European agenda to discuss the EU environmental policy. Each year, it attracts policymakers, leading environmentalists and other interested stakeholders from across Europe and the globe. This year's edition was dedicated to the zero-pollution ambition of the European Union. 

During this Green Week, the German Environment Agency, or Umwelt Bundesamt (UBA), organised an online seminar to discuss the Directive on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides and the extension of its scope to biocides. Represented by Håkan Kjellberg, CEPA was given the opportunity to share its thoughts on the future of pest control in Europe directly with key European policymakers. He highlighted the need for a wide and comprehensive toolbox as well as the critical nature of our sector. He then shared the vision of our industry for the future, such as the recognition of professional trained pest managers and the guarantee of a value playing field. 

The participation of Håkan Kjellberg in this event was a unique opportunity to share our vision with key European stakeholders and to initiate a dialogue on the future of our industry. 

Other topics were also presented during the online seminar including rodenticides in birds of prey in urban settings, safe and sustainable-by-design rodenticides and much more. More information can be found here.

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