Celebrating World Pest Day 2022

On the occasion of World Pest Day, please find below a message from CEPA:

CEPA Video for World Pest Day

Marc Aubry, President of CEPA, said: 

“As President of CEPA, the European association of professional pest managers, I am delighted to mark World Pest Day with a simple message of recognition and thanks to all the dedicated professional people in Europe and around the world who work hard behind the scenes - today and every day - to remove unwanted and often harmful pests.  Their efforts protect our health and ensure businesses and public services can operate safely.”

Monica Biglietto, Vice-President of CEPA, added : 

“Today is a great occasion for CEPA to remind everyone that our member companies all across Europe are committed to sustainable pest management practices based on Integrated Pest Management principles. In fact, we hope that anyone seeking pest management services will always choose CEPA Certified operators who follow the integrated approach, the most sustainable approach."

Eamonn Bates, Director General of CEPA:

“We urge pest managers in Europe and around the world to join us in further promoting the professionalisation of our sector. Please get your company certified in integrated pest management through the “CEPA Certified” scheme and sign up to our Memorandum of Understanding on Integrated Pest Management”.


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