ANECPLA fights against COVID-19 in Spain


As COVID-19 begins to have a real impact on small business, as a lot of CEPA members from the pest control industry in Europe are, ANECPLA highlights the essential work of trained professional pest managers in the fight against the coronavirus.

According to ANECPLA, disinfection is an essential service that trained professional pest control organisations can provide, in much needed areas such as hospitals, offices and other essential places.

These disinfection services provided by the pest management industry across Europe are instrumental in containing the expansion of the pandemic.

The National Association of Environmental Health Companies (ANECPLA) recognizes the commendable work being done by these professionals who, like many others in this crisis, are putting their own personal security at risk for the greater good.

Madrid, 19 March 2020 - Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Spain has been on high alert since last Sunday 15 March, with trained professional pest management companies working around the clock to disinfect spaces. "The work being done by professionals in the sector in this crisis is playing a fundamental role in the fight against the coronavirus" acknowledges the president of ANECPLA, Sergio Monge. Especially those so-called 'hot spots', such as such as hospitals, nursing homes, public transport or supermarkets and others such as offices or industries where any case of contagion has been detected.

"This is a fundamental task that acts as an essential firewall to stop the escalation of COVID-19 infections. Without it, this crisis would risk falling into a cycle that lasts longer than expected," notes Monge. 

According ANECPLA's Director General, Milagros Fernández de Lezeta, the new coronavirus can remain active for up to "several days" on surfaces, increasing the risk of contagion. "This situation makes it imperative to take emergency measures for the proper disinfection of facilities", warns Fernández de Lezeta, "this way we will minimize the virus in these spaces and we will be able to guarantee full health safety to all their users.

Protocol for action against the new coronavirus

ANECPLA has just launched a "Protocol for action against the new coronavirus (COVID19)", aimed at ensuring the proper and safe execution disinfection and ensuring that all workers involved in this type of task extreme precautions by using the correct personal safety equipment.

The protocol, which is constantly being updated as new information becomes available, can be found on ANECPLA's website (Spanish).

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