ANECPLA: Dangers of unqualified disinfection


ACEPLA Press Release: Badly carried out disinfections against COVID-19 are causing Spain to be first in Europe in the number of infections

- With one thousand deaths for every million inhabitants, Spain is the country in the world where the coronavirus is the most deadly, and is second only to the United States in the number of infections.

- The National Association of Environmental Health Companies (ANECPLA) points out false disinfections as one of the direct causes of the numbers of deaths and the enormous number of infections.

- The use of products and techniques with no guarantee of effectiveness against the virus and fraudulent and dangerous applications by unauthorised companies constitute a Trojan horse in the fight against COVID-19.

Madrid, April 21, 2020 - This problem, on top of the deadly coronavirus, is a time bomb which will hinder any nationwide strategy to control the effects of this global pandemic in our country. The National Association of Environmental Health Companies (ANECPLA) deplores the fact that in the midst of this unprecedented health crisis, false disinfection offers that do not ensure protection against COVID-19 are proliferating while the number of infections multiplies exponentially.

"We want to raise the alarm that techniques of doubtful or no effectiveness against the coronavirus are being offered, executed in addition by professionals who are not, who are seriously risking the possibility of controlling this pandemic in our country and may even generate a resurgence of the disease,"

...warns the president of ANECPLA, Sergio Monge, who warns that:

"the use of products not authorised by the Ministry of Health or whose dosage and methods of use for carrying out viricidal disinfections are unknown, the false promises that the disinfected spaces guarantee their protection for a time afterwards or the use of dubious practices such as car or person disinfection tunnels are encouraging the spread of coronaviruses."

ANECPLA also warns that these fraudulent practices can be a double-edged sword, as they not only fail to protect citizens from infection, but also give them a false sense of security that is totally counterproductive, encouraging risky behaviour.

"Putting a stop to this health crisis in Spain requires effective disinfections with all the guarantees of the risk areas, otherwise we can enter a scenario of no return where the control of this disease is impossible,"

warns Monge.

ANECPLA is the National Association of Environmental Health Companies. Established in 1992, it brings together almost 500 companies that represent approximately 85% of the turnover of the sector in Spain. Its main objectives are to consolidate a professional sector that looks after public health and the environment and to fight against intrusion.

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