CEPA Certified® introduction

What is standard [EN] 16636?

CEPA #TheGoodPestManager and its members have sponsored the development of a European standard (EN) for the pest management industry in collaboration with the European Standards Institute (CEN).

This European standard specifies the requirements, recommendations and basic competences under which pest management service companies must operate to meet the needs of their customers, be they private companies, public authorities or the general public.

As sponsors of the CEN project, CEPA #TheGoodPestManager and its members wish to ensure that the industry is recognized for a responsible approach to pest management in all countries of the European Union and EFTA.

The standard creates awareness for the value to society that the pest management industry represents through the maintenance of health and hygiene. The initiative contributes to controlling unprofessional use and thus provide important support for products that are indispensable to protect the public, buildings and businesses but which are nevertheless under pressure from restriction or deregistration measures.

Finally, the introduction of a European standard and the dialogue it has fostered enhances CEPA #TheGoodPestManager’s interaction with the European Institutions and all its other European stakeholders.

What is CEPA Certified?

CEPA Certified is an auditing scheme in alignment with CEN standard [EN] 16636, by the non-profit 'ASBL', CEPA #TheGoodPestManager (Belgian registry number: 0504 890 245). The purpose of CEPA Certification is to act as an industry standard and guarantee of the professional trained pest management practices of certified professionals, while seeking the highest standards in public health and hygiene.

How is CEPA Certified organised?

The certification process itself is carried out by external certifying bodies at national level in countries where the certification is available. CEPA Certified's so-called 'certifying bodies' pay a fee to the national pest management member associations of CEPA as part of the assurance of the compliance and control of the professional certification and auditing, where there are no national association members of CEPA #TheGoodPestManager, that fee (330 EUR) is paid directly to CEPA #TheGoodPestManager.

The proceeds from fee payments are utilised to assure conformity to the practices laid out within the CEPA Certified standard. CEPA #TheGoodPestManager ensures that the organisational structure of the CEPA Certified scheme remains independent, and that it is lead by volunteer experts in the field, acting therefore as an overall guarantee of the objectives of the scheme and assuring the uniform and professional implementation of the CEPA Certified standard.

Questions and queries

For CEPA Certified advice and questions, please contact:
Zlatko Dakic, CEPA Certified® Scheme Leader

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